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The Society of Volunteers Firemen of Pythagorion from winter 2001-2002 has started trying to approach students of an infant age, believing that this is the best period of their life to understand issues concerning:

• their personal safety
• the protection of the surrounded citizens
• the respect and the protection of the environment
• the entering into the voluntarism

From winter 2003-2004 this attempt has carried on in the base area and continues also with standard bases.

Training the children of the kindergarten in Pythagorion
Training the children in Glyfada
  Together with the infants who watch the meetings are also older children who age between 6 and 16 years old. The youths from 16 years and over are trained among and along with combative volunteers. The aim is not to overload their existing duties; therefore every meeting has the form of playing. There have been attempts to enter prudent subjects concerning the nature, the human being, our country and also to propose tactics and solutions in every day problems. Every time there is a meeting with the under age members a section for parents is also functioning. There we suggest educational subjects and tactics to confront emergency situations in the home and also in the countryside.


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