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Beside the fire extinguishing we also participate with following activities:

• tree plantings and sowing in areas around Pythagorion town
• ditch cleaning of the town roads to avoid fire burning
• beach and footpath cleanings
• collection of first aid supplies for injured citizens from natural disasters and sensitive citizen teams
• saving wild animals
• creation of educational records (books and CD ROMs)
• translation of foreign language educational archives
• organized informative meetings with our fellow citizens, witch aim to face emergency situations.
• approaching people who have special needs (disable, old people etc)
• organizing of road markets
• creation of leaflets, calendars
• social exhibition

Cleaning the port of Pythagorion

Tree planting in a burnt area outside Pythagorion

Christmas Bazaar in Pythagorion with handicrafts made by the members of the association

Awarding Mr.Thomas Tsourmas (ex commander of the Fire Brigade Service in Samos) for the support offered to the association

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