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In the mid 80’s a team of citizens were putting out fires using poor supplies. From this the today’s volunteering society of Pythagorion was born.  In the early 90’s after having had experiences with our sources of volunteering fire services (in Germany, Holland), we bought the first fire engine with money witch we collected from a fund-raising event took place in Pythagorion. There have been many years of continuous trainings, witch took place together with the chiefs of the Greek fire brigade, as well as from abroad.In 1998, we established the voluntary Fire brigade base of Pythagorion which acts on several issues, which are, forest protection, forest fire extinctions, prevention, and extinction of town fires, water pumping of flooded areas, lifesavings, first aids and giving help in the case of earthquakes. Also all these years, we were taking care and still do so, for the enrichment and synchronization of our fire brigade float. The base works 24 hours a day.

In the year 2000, our continuous worries about the society and the environment, pushed us to establish the S.E.P.P. (Society Volunteered Firemen of Pythagorion) which today consists of 50 active members.
The S.E.P.P. takes part in caring for citizens concerning in general environment issues. We had the ability to get involved in matters of prevention, reforestation/replanting, informing the citizens how to deal with fires in houses and work places, training new volunteers, collecting and sending help to sensitive citizen teams from all over the world, spread around the idea of voluntarism.
In 2002 we became members of General Secretariat Civil Protection. We supply help in cases of big natural disasters.

dutch car
The first fire engine arrival in Pythagorion (ex D 25) in February 1992.
In the picture you can see Mr. Thomas Thymianides,
Jack Werkendam and Ad Van de Melle


Old team
A group of the members of the Association after a parade in Samos town

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