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The members of the base are trained all the year around, which take place at watching seminars given by the chiefs of Fire Brigade Service, special scientists and experienced volunteers. Representatives of the Society have visited several times Volunteering Stations of Germany, Austria, and Italy and have been informed - trained on Fire-Brigade subjects. Also foreign officers from Germany and Holland, who are volunteers or professional firemen, have trained some of our members, here at the base. The training of our society members consists to the following subjects:

• Use of methods and techniques for fire extinction
• First aid giving and saving injured citizens
• Anti-earthquake protection
• Participation in national planned exercises related to the civil protection (Xenokratis Exercise)
• Participation in national programs of the General Secretariat Civil Protection of Greed Ministry of Internal Affairs (protect myself and the others)

Training in the use of rescuing means
(rescuing a trapped victim from a vehicle after a car accident)
Training the combative volunteers by the chiefs of Fire Brigade Service in the use of the gas masks

Participation in nationally planned practice related to civil protection (Xenokratis Exercise)



Visit and training in the facilities of the volunteer fire brigade associations in Bavaria Germany


carTraining in the use of extinguishing equipment

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