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Thanks to the continuous care and methodical work of our founding members the Volunteer Fire Brigade Association of Pythagorion has succeeded very well so far and has lots of dreams for the future. Following the course of the Society till today, many Greek government officials have offered serious help (Municipality of Pythagorion, Ministry of Aegean Sea and Ministry of Internal Affairs). Also from the first steps of our team, the contact with members of other European countries, have been very important to us. There were several people with a characteristic, of, visitor-lover to the island of Samos, or with the characteristic of the fireman (volunteer or professional) who supported the initiatives of the base for the buying and importation of vehicles, tools, machinery and fire brigading supplies. Some of them collected bequests of supplies and money. Some other undertook to train members of the Association on the use of fire brigade techniques, their maintenance and the application of new techniques.
Without our foreign friends the image and the effectiveness of the base would be different.

We wish to thank all of them for their support and mutual help.  

Visit and training at the facilities of the volunteer
fire brigade association La Racchetta in Florence Italy

for1Awarding Mr. Jack Werkendam during the festivities for the 10nth anniversary of the the first fire engine arrival




Meeting with representatives of volunteer fire brigade associations in Bavaria Germany. You can see Mr Pythagoras Vardikos (ex-member of the Parliament and ex-chief of the combative group), Mr. Josef Aschenbrenner (chairman of the Bavarian national fire brigade federation) and members of the association

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